Pakistan Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF) is a non-profit organization. We are working for visually impaired persons in the field of assistive technology. Here in Pakistan such a unique and almost first project of its type launched by Muhammad Shahbaz Hussain in April 2010.

Thoughts Behind

This project was launched with the thoughts of providing assistive technology training to visually impaired persons in our country. There are numerous institutions in world providing training, pod casts and tutorials all about the needs of visually impaired persons regarding assistive technology. A number of these are accessible through web but here in Pakistan we didn’t find such services. Therefore, we launched PATF to fulfill the needs of visually impaired persons in our society. Our motive is to break the barriers by providing different trainings and shaped their skills so that enabled them to take part as an active member of society, proof themselves among their sighted peers and can lead more independent life.

What we doing?

Currently, we are doing work in following areas

We are providing free audio tutorials. Anybody, can download them or listen online.
We are managing free digital online library for visually impaired persons where different books are available to download. Library consists of two sections audio and text books. We are searching and find these books from different places so that make them accessible for blind/low vision persons.
Online Classes :
We are providing different courses through online classes. A number of students have been completed trainings.
We are running a blog all about assistive technology. There we post different tips and tricks for using assistive technology.
We have a collection of useful software for mobile and computer. We searched them over the internet from different websites and try to make possible for screen reader users to get them easily. Be aware these are not our property, we just collect and make available with ease.


We started from above steps but in futuristic point of view we want to achieve our objectives. We want to make an institute of assistive technology. Where we will arrange complete training programs. We will also launch short courses in different areas of country in this way we will able to make awareness about the use and benefits of assistive technology in upcoming era. Please read our objectives for more details.