All Video/Audio Converter 2.6

Size: 9.91 MB, Type: APK


All Video/Audio Converter 2.6 Size: 9.91 MB, useful app for converting vedio/audio files with batch processing. (direct link)
Advanced Task Manager Pro 6 Size: 4.55 MB, useful app to handle various tasks like, quit apps etc. (direct link)
ESpeak Size: 1.83 MB, TTS engion with Urdu language. (direct link)
Wrar Premium Size: 4.30 MB, useful app to handle rar archives. (direct link)
Shine Plus 4.39 Size: 1.50 MB, useful screen reader for android devices. (direct link)
Auto TTS 4.5 Size: 4.65 MB, useful app for using more than one tts engions. (direct link)
Blind Accessibility Keyboard 4.0.11 Size: 8.56 MB, fully accessible keyboard with useful features for Blind. (direct link)
Call Recorder ACR Premium v14.4 Size: 5.05 MB, useful app to record voice calls. (direct link)
Google Now Launcher Size: 14.6 MB, very useful launcher for android devices. (direct link)
Tube Mate 6.77 Size: 6.09 MB, very fast downloader for youtube. (direct link)
ETI Elequence 1.1.8 Size: 7.04 MB, Elequence for up to 5.0 android devices. (direct link)
MX Player Pro Size: 15.2 MB, use to play audio/vedio files. (direct link)
Voleum Control Pro Size: 1.08 MB, voleum control app for android devices. (direct link)
ETI Elequence 1.1.3 (Kit Kat) Size: 6.08 MB, Elequence for kit kat android devices. (direct link)
Tap Tap See Size: 3.36 MB, useful app to see objects by making picture. (direct link)
Group Sms Pro Size: 1.23 MB, Allow sending unlimited sms to groups/contacts. (direct link)
Dot Walker Pro Size: 1.02 MB, accessible map guider app. (direct link)
Talking Dialer Size: 541 KB, useful digital dialer for blind users. (direct link)
Alt-C Size: 7.96 MB, useful app to copy text between pc & android devices. (direct link)
Vocolizer Size: 156 MB, vocolizer voices for android devices. (direct link)
APK Extractor Size: 1.08 MB, use to extract APK files. (direct link)
APK Editor Size: 7.71 MB, use to edit APK files. (direct link)
Aqua Mail Pro Size: 7.75 MB, useful email client for android devices. (direct link)
Ciencia Dictionary Size: 2.23 MB, very useful roman, urdu, english, hindi dictionary. (direct link)
Copy Text Size: 5.52 MB, useful app for copy text. (direct link)
Folder Video Player Size: 608 KB, video player for android devices. (direct link)
Learn Quraan Size: 10.7 MB, useful app to learn Quraan. (direct link)
Voice Dream Reader Size: 36.9 MB, use to read text. (direct link)