Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software and Scanners

Optical Character Recognition software, commonly called OCR software, is designed for people who are blind or low vision. The software works with a scanner that recognizes a text and displays it on a screen. In addition to interfacing with the scanner, the software allows the user to read the scanned material. It comes with built-in features of a screen reader and magnification software, so it can function even if no additional software (either a screen reader or an enlargement software) is installed. Its screen reader is advanced enough not only to read the scanned text but also to change various options within the program. Low vision users can magnify the scanned text, change its color, its font and its spacing.

Despite the fact that the main function of OCR programs is to recognize the scanned text and display it on the screen, these programs now include several additional options such as Psending/receiving faxes or photocopying pages. The most popular OCR software programs are OpenBook by Freedom Scientific, K9000 by Kurzweil, and Cicero by DolphinSystems.

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