Writer: Nimra Ahmad.
“MUSHAF” is also a name of Holy Quran.
This novel is one of the best novels of Urdu literature.
This Novel story is every young girl/boy. its about dreams and realities of Life it show how much Holy Quran is important for a Muslim and how Mushaf(Quran) affects and changes the life of human.

This novel will definitely guide all of you towards virtue and path of ALLAH.


Mushaf-Part 01
Mushaf-Part 02
Mushaf-Part 03
Mushaf-Part 04
Mushaf-Part 05
Mushaf-Part 06
Mushaf-Part 07
Mushaf-Part 08
Mushaf-Part 09
Mushaf-Part 10
Mushaf-Part 11
Mushaf-Part 12

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