Welcome to Pakistan Assistive Technology Foundation’s online library. This is the first one and unique digital accessible library for visually impaired persons here in Pakistan. Our mission is to provide accessible reading material and promote education among print disabled people. We will record books like, academic, children, Islamic, poetry, novels and much more. We also try to find other accessible material from different places and make available on one place for easy access. This is free for everyone and you can also share books with us.

Structure of Library

Library has 3 main sections Audio books, Text books and web resources. Below are the details of each section and its subsections.

Audio Books

You find here all kinds of audio books. This section has several subsections. Below are the current details of each subsection and books under it.

Islamic Books

You find here all kind of Islamic books. Currently, we have 3 different books of Tafsier-ul-Quran, Qisass-ul-Ambia, prayers. More books coming soon.

Children Books

You find here all books relates to the children like stories, poems, funny lateefay, pehalian etc. Currently, we have round about 100 stories, 40 poems. More stuff coming soon.

Urdu Books

You find here Urdu novels, mazameen, afsanay etc. Currently, we have Mirat-ul-Uroos, Umrao Jan-e-Ada, and Sir Siad Ahmad Khan K Mazameen. More books coming soon.

Translated Books

You find here famous English books in Urdu translation. Currently, we have round about 150 books by different authors. More stuff coming soon.


You find here Urdu and Punjabi poetry of famous poets. Currently, we have poetry of Mirza Ghalib, Allama Iqbal, Anver Maqsood, Heer Waris Shah. More stuff coming soon.

Punjabi Books

You find here famous Punjabi books like, novels, short stories, afsanay mazameen etc. Currently, we have 2 short stories. More stuff coming soon.

Academic Books

You find here different books in mp3 or DAISY format. These books are only for downloading. Currently, we have Urdu Braille primer, Part of speech English grammar. More stuff coming soon.