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Convert Multiple VCF Files to a Single VCF File

Convert multiple vcf files to single vcf file
In this post we learn how to convert multiple vcf files to single vcf file and import to android. This trick used when you have a device which is not allowed to import all contacts from SD card or device storage. Let’s follow the steps below to learn complete procedure.

Backup Contacts from Symbian Phone

First, create backup of your contacts from old Symbian phone.
1. Open contacts.
2. Open options by pressing key 1.
3. Move on to “mark/unmark” and press select key to open it.
4. Move on “Mark All” and press select key to check all contacts.
5. Again open options and move on “Copy” and press the select key to activate it.
6. Move on “From phone to memory card” and press the select key. If shows confirmation message, then press key 1 for yes.
Now you have backup on memory card in others folder.

Transfer to Computer

After creating backup of contacts, transfer it to computer using data cable.
1. Connect mobile through data cable to computer’s USB port.
2. Select “mass storage” from phone to transfer data from SD card.
3. Open computer/this pc by pressing Windows E.
4. Move on your SD card in removeable devices and open it by pressing enter.
5. Go to Others folder and copy the contacts folder.
6. Open D or any available drive in your computer and paste the contacts folder here.
Now you have backup of your contacts in computer.

Convert VCF Files to Single VCF file

Now we will convert all contacts files to 1 file by using command prompt.
1. Press Windows R for run dialog then type CMD and press enter to open command prompt.
2. In command prompt type D: and hit enter to open d drive.
Note: If you have different drive then used its drive letter.
3. Now type
CD contacts
and press enter to open contacts folder.
4. Now type following command and hit enter to convert vcf files to single vcf file.
copy *.vcf contacts.vcf
As you hit enter all vcf files converted into contacts.vcf file.

Transfer Contacts.vcf file to android Using Data Cable

1. Attach your android device with computer through data cable.
2. Go to contacts folder in your computer and select contacts.vcf file. Then copy it.
3. Now open the phone from computer/this pc and paste contacts.vcf file here.
4. Now disconnect the phone.

Import Contacts

After successfully transfer the contacts.vcf file to your phone import it into contacts.
1. Open contacts app, then move on more options button and double tap on it to activate.
2. Go to import/export button and double tap on it.
3. Move on import from device/internal storage button and double tap on it. Now it will be searching vcf files from your phone’s internal storage and display them in a new window.
4. Move on contacts.vcf file by swiping left to right and double tap on it.
5. Select the place where you want to save these contacts like, phone, google, samson etc. move by swiping left to right to move on it then double tap on it to select.
Now all the contacts imported into contacts app of your android phone.

Convert Multiple VCF Files to a Single VCF File

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