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Aur Aik Butshikan Paida Huwa

::Aur Aik Butshikan Paida Huwa::
(Sultan Mahmood Gaznavi k Jihad aur Jasoso ki Jazbati aur waqiyati kahaniya)
Author: Inayatullah Altamash.

Aur Aik Butshikan Paida Huwa novel complete 4 volumes in Audio MP3 Format.
It is a beautiful historical novel, contains an interesting story of the great Muslim ruler Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi, covering his whole life, his victories against the enemies of Islam.
This novel also tells us the emotional and true stories of his detectives and intelligent services. Complete history and life story of Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi.
Visit the below mentioned link to download in Audio MP3 format.


taaruf. Size: 7.38 MB
Episode 01-Aur ek buth shikan paida huwa. Size: 35.8 MB
Episode 02-Jub Musalman, Musalman Sey Takraya. Size: 26.3 MB
Episode 03-D'o Maain. Size: 11.6 MB
Episode 04-Mazhab, Mujram aur Mujahid. Size: 34.5 MB
Episode 05-Ek hi Manzul K Msaafar. Size: 54.5 MB
Episode 06-Bahishat ek Rat ki. Size: 23.8 MB
Episode 07-Baap Ka Paap. Size: 20.7 MB
Episode 08-Char Kanwaryo ki Hawayli. Size: 6.68 MB
Episode 09-Haq Jub Batil K Nargay Main Aaya. Size: 24.7 MB
Episode 10-Jub Dushman Par Atbaar kia. Size: 15.6 MB


Episode 11-Naagar Cort ki nartigi. Size: 46.5 MB
Episode 12-Markah Insan aur iblees ka. Size: 34.3 MB
Episode 13-Samp, Sona aur Insan. Size: 36.4 MB
Episode 14-Qelah jo sar na huwa. Size: 35.1 MB
Episode 15-Taama takht ki aur Taj ki. Size: 50.9 MB
Episode 16-Tufan jo Gazwani sey aaya. Size: 36.6 MB


Episode 17-Qatal, Kanooj aur Zarb-e-Kaleem. Size: 31.5 MB
Episode 18-Khuda jo dil main utar gaya. Size: 38.1 MB
Episode 19-Bala Saghoun ki Samantaash. Size: 38.7 MB
Episode 20-Deota ney pandat ko ni'gal lia. Size: 30.2 MB
Episode 21-Ghaznavi ki Aabroo. Size: 16.7 MB


Episode 22-Ratan Kamyari, Razya aur RajPal. Size: 13.5 MB
Episode 23-Yeh Mojza Tha. Size: 40.0 MB
Episode 24-Qelay jo Naaro ney sar kiy. Size: 13.0 MB
Episode 25-SomNat K Darwazay Par. Size: 36.8 MB
Episode 26-Yeh Sitara bhi Toot Gaya. Size: 50.7 MB

Aur Aik Butshikan Paida Huwa
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