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Aakhri Chattan (Audio Novel)

Akhri Chattan

Writer: Naseem Hijazi.


In This book Akhri Chattan Naseem Hijazi described the Mongol attacks on Khwarizm Dynasty. he explains the Sultan Jalal Ud Din Khwarizm that stopped the Mongol twenty years to forward towards the Baghdad. Khwarizm Shah considers the last hurdles between Mongols and Baghdad.
After his death, Mongol captured the Baghdad. Therefore, the most cultured city in the human history destroyed with cruelty. This book also pointed out the conditions that play a role in the failure of Khwarizm Sultan. You can read this book, know the character of Muslim leaders of these times, and view our current leaders.

I hope you will like the This Audio book Akhri Chattan.


Episode 01-Aakhri Chataan. Size: 14.6 MB
Episode 02-Bagdad. Size: 12.5 MB
Episode 03-Tahir k Nay dost aur Dushman. Size: 9.33 MB
Episode 04-Sufya. Size: 7.50 MB
Episode 05-Qasim ka Intaqam. Size: 6.31 MB
Episode 06-Tahir Bin Yousif ki Tiyari. Size: 6.13 MB
Episode 07-Khalifa ka Aelchi. Size: 5.92 MB
Episode 08-Ek Inqashaf. Size: 10.3 MB
Episode 09-Taamoor Bulk. Size: 8.31 MB
Episode 10-Suriya. Size: 8.20 MB
Episode 11-Sapahi ki Beyti. Size: 6.07 MB
Episode 12-Sipahi Aur Tajir. Size: 7.66 MB
Episode 13-Dawat-e-Amal. Size: 9.20 MB
Episode 14-Sazish. Size: 10.2 MB
Episode 15-Aag Aur Khoon. Size: 9.29 MB
Episode 16-Qudrat ka Haath. Size: 10.6 MB
Episode 17-Shair-e-Khwarizzam. Size: 10.6 MB
Episode 18-Diyar-e-Ghair. Size: 16.9 MB
Episode 19-Ek Aur koshish. Size: 13.9 MB
Episode 20-Aakhri Pegham. Size: 10.7 MB


Aakhri Chattan (Audio Novel)
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