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Month: March 2019

Al-Quran-verse by verse

Al-Quran Recitation by Qari Seyyad Sadaqat Ali. In This Audio Quran we split each Ayyah in singal file. Specially for visually impairedHafiz-e-Quran Students. Click below links to download each surah-e-Mubarakah in zip format. Surah Al-Fatiha (1 Sections, 7 Verses). Size: 220 KB Download SURAH AL-FATIHA DOWNLOAD SURAH AL-BAQARA (40 sections, 286 Verses). Size: 31.2 MB… Read More? Al-Quran-verse by verse


Madani Qaida lectures with conversation of braille. Orator: Muhammad Yasir Atari. Click below link to download 35 Madani-Qaida lectures in zip Format. Size: 122 MB. MADANI-QAIDA LECTURES Join PATF-Islamic Info Whatsapp Group! Send Whatsapp Message to Admin.

Aakhri Chattan (Audio Novel)

Akhri Chattan Writer: Naseem Hijazi. Description: In This book Akhri Chattan Naseem Hijazi described the Mongol attacks on Khwarizm Dynasty. he explains the Sultan Jalal Ud Din Khwarizm that stopped the Mongol twenty years to forward towards the Baghdad. Khwarizm Shah considers the last hurdles between Mongols and Baghdad. After his death, Mongol captured the… Read More? Aakhri Chattan (Audio Novel)


“NAMAL” Writer: Nimra Ahmed. Description: Namal Urdu Novel is that the story of goodness and badness. Nimra Ahmed began inscribing this story in 2006. The story is Inspired by the renowned Shahzeb Khan and NAB officer Kamran khan murder cases. each were killed by the elite categories, however nobody got justice from the judicatory of… Read More? NAMAL-AUDIO NOVEL


Audio Book: uolalAzam-Shakhsseyat (Captan Mashiyat ur rehman malik). Writer:Khalida baano. Book Topic: 01-halat-e-zindagi KAP. M R Malik. 02-adaru’n ka qayam. 03-safarnamay KAP.M R Malik Ba selslah nabina Conference. 04-nabina adaro’n k hawalay sey nabina afrad ki ahem shakhseYaat. 05-ghair mamalak ki ahem nabina shakhseYat. DOWNLOAD Click on the link below to download Complete Audio Book… Read More? uolalAzam-Shakhseyat


Bin Roye Aansoo. Writer: Farhat Ishtiaq. Bin Roye Ansoo is a beautifully Social Romantic Urdu Novel. Its a simple love story in written in a simple manner but with a touch of class and novelty. Farhat Ishtiaq has always expressed human feelings and emotions in her stories. This novel Bin Roye Ansu is not exception… Read More? BIN ROYE AANSOO

English Grammars (audio)

Welcome to this section of our digitel library. This section contains audio books about English grammar. You can download them free and learn at your home. You can learn parts of speech, tenses, verbs and many more from here. Attention: Not all these are our property, most of them we find from different resources and… Read More? English Grammars (audio)

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