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Month: January 2019


IMAN, UMEED AUR MOHABBAT Author: Umaira Ahmad. This is an interesting Urdu novel of  Umaira Ahmad. The novel contain a beautiful social romantic and reforming story in Urdu language. Visit the following links to download in Audio Mp3 format. DOWNLOAD Join PATF-Audio Library Whatsapp Group! Send Whatsapp Message to Admin.


SAHABA SERIES: “The sahaba, may Allah be pleased with them, are all the best of people, the masters of the nation, and are better than those who succeed them. They are all equitable and are role models in whom there is no blemish at all. Delirium is what those who followed them articulated, and residue… Read More? SAHABA SERIES

Aur Aik Butshikan Paida Huwa

::Aur Aik Butshikan Paida Huwa:: (Sultan Mahmood Gaznavi k Jihad aur Jasoso ki Jazbati aur waqiyati kahaniya) Author: Inayatullah Altamash. Aur Aik Butshikan Paida Huwa novel complete 4 volumes in Audio MP3 Format. It is a beautiful historical novel, contains an interesting story of the great Muslim ruler Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi, covering his whole life,… Read More? Aur Aik Butshikan Paida Huwa


::MUSHAF:: Writer: Nimra Ahmad. Description: “MUSHAF” is also a name of Holy Quran. This novel is one of the best novels of Urdu literature. This Novel story is every young girl/boy. its about dreams and realities of Life it show how much Holy Quran is important for a Muslim and how Mushaf(Quran) affects and changes… Read More? Mushaf


BRB BEHTI RAHAYGI. Author: Inayatullah Altamash. This book BRB, (Bamba ravi bedya naihar) Behti Rahaygi is about the war between India and Pakistan. In 1965, the Indian forces attacked Lahore. A famous battle fought on the border of Lahore. Pakistan Army wrote the history of bravery with his blood. This book is a collection of… Read More? BRB BEHTI RAHAYGI

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